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Brightline Station Expected to Boost Property Values in Cocoa and the Space Coast

Brightline has announced a new stop for the higher-speed rail with a station planned for Cocoa.
Brightline has announced a new stop for the higher-speed rail with a station planned for Cocoa.

The Space Coast region has faced challenges in attracting and retaining Millennial and Gen Z talent who often prefer living closer to major urban centers. However, the recent announcement of a new Brightline train station in Cocoa is set to transform the landscape for major employers like SpaceX, Blue Origin, Northrop Grumman, L3Harris, Embraer, Lockheed Martin, Boeing , and hundreds of subcontractors focusing on defense contracting, aviation, and technology.

This game-changing development will drastically reduce commute times to cities like Orlando and Miami, making Cocoa and Melbourne a more attractive option for young professionals seeking affordable living while maintaining access to bigger cities. The enhanced connectivity provided by the Brightline train station will enable these companies to tap into a wider talent pool, attracting skilled workers who value work-life balance and convenient access to urban amenities.

Local real estate expert, Cassandra Hartford, believes that the new train station will markedly increase the area's appeal. "With the ability to commute from Orlando now, it's a home run for the area. It's only going to create more demand for people to live here," Hartford said.

Research conducted by the American Public Transportation Association and the National Association of Realtors underscores the positive impact of proximity to transit lines and stations on property values, with increases up to 150%. This effect is expected to extend beyond Cocoa, benefiting the entire Space Coast.

"A commute that may have been 1.5-2 hours from West Orlando could now be reduced to 45 minutes, making a significant difference" Hartford added. The proposed train stop, known as the "Cocoa curve," has garnered enthusiasm from city officials. "We are excited to move forward with negotiations for a Cocoa Station, which represents a significant infrastructure investment and will greatly impact our community's economic growth," said a city statement. The station will be located near SR 528 and US1, and plans are underway to engage with community stakeholders and present a financial proposal to Brightline.

In tandem with the transportation development, the Space Coast is on the brink of another record-setting year in 2024 due to the expanding space sector. This growth is not only attracting new businesses but also generating high-paying jobs. Jim Gregory, a space industry expert, highlighted the potential of the lunar economy to spur further development. "There's a whole ecosystem that could develop around the lunar economy... these startups are positioning themselves to help provide the infrastructure needed," Gregory noted.

Notable missions from the Space Coast next year include Vulcan Centaur by United Launch Alliance, SpaceX's Starlink Satellites, NASA's Europa Clipper, and Sierra Space's Dream Chaser. This increasing launch cadence is expected to create jobs across Central Florida, further stimulating the local economy.

The introduction of the Brightline station, alongside the growth of the space industry, promises to not only enhance property values but also attract new businesses and residents to Cocoa and the Space Coast, expediting the already fast paced economic expansion in the region.

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