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Discovering Florida's Space Coast: The Silicon Valley of the Southeast

Scenic view of Florida's Space Coast, with the ocean stretching along 72 miles of shoreline and rockets launching into the sky.
Rocketing to New Heights: Experience the Wonders of Florida's Space Coast

Discovering the Space Coast of Florida: Unveiling its Unexpected Growth

The days of the Florida Space Coast as a a sleepy beach getaway are over. It has now become a thriving center of creativity and technology, garnering the moniker "Silicon Valley of the Southeast." This region is a vibrant fusion of aerospace, technology, and sun-kissed leisure; it's more than simply beaches and surfboards.

Paving the Way for the Future of Aerospace and Aviation

The Space Coast is a premier location for aviation, aerospace, and space-related businesses, and it was ranked #2 in the nation for this very reason by the Milken Institute. Notable organizations such as NASA, Blue Origin, SpaceX, the Space Force Department of Defense, Boeing Space, and others call this area home thanks to its two approved spaceports. This is the starting point for all future space travel and aviation endeavors.

A Global Gateway: Melbourne–Orlando International Airport

A new era in aviation travel began in 2023 with the unveiling of a $72 million, 86,000 sq ft terminal extension at Melbourne Orlando International Airport. From 372,287 in 2021 to nearly 1,000,000 in 2023, passenger numbers increased because to this development and collaborations like Tui UK. Melbourne Airport's best year to date!

The World's Best Cruise Port: Cape Canaveral

Cape Canaveral takes great pride in being the busiest cruise embarkation port in the world. With almost 42,000 jobs and $2.1 billion in earnings generated, it was clearly an important economic driver in 2023, with record-breaking 6.8 million passenger trips. The terminal is flourishing with major renovations scheduled for 2024 totaling $182 million.

A Global Leader in Technology

The Space Coast is a place where innovation and technology thrive, with a significant high-tech workforce and 48 engineers for every 1,000 workers. Exploring new technological and engineering frontiers is about more than just launching rockets; it's also about launching ideas.

Impressive Expansion and Possibilities

The Space Coast is experiencing explosive growth, rising to the position of 12th fastest-growing metro in the United States and 5th best-performing city in 2023, according to the Milken Institute. More than just expanding, it is becoming into a major force in global economic and technical advancement.

The Ideal Place for Investors

The Space Coast is a desirable location for investors due to its unrivaled tax climate, which includes a state personal income tax of zero dollars and a zero dollar corporate income tax on limited partnerships and S-corporations. Here at REACH Commercial Real Estate, we're actively shaping the future, not only observing it. Come and be a part of an area that is leading the way in technical and economic growth; invest in this booming sector and define your future here.

Join REACH Commercial Real Estate in Embracing the Future

We are quite excited about the year 2024. Our enthusiasm is matched by our dedication to showing you the ever-changing Space Coast. Join us as we venture into the Southeast's Silicon Valley, where we may discover, invest in, and prosper. May your future be as radiant as the sunshine in Florida!

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- Cassandra


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