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The Lead Lag Report Podcast with Reach Commercial Founder, Cassandra Hartford

My Adventures in Commercial Real Estate: I'm Still Standing

I had the opportunity of speaking with Michael Gayed as a guest on The Lead Lag Report podcast recently about my experiences in the commercial real estate sector. Michael was curious to find out more about my career path and unconventional background, as well as my opinions on the prevailing real estate trends.

My early life was difficult, as I mentioned on the show; I experienced abuse and homelessness until eventually rising to my feet in my late teens. I found a love for real estate and made the risky decision to launch a commercial brokerage even though I had no contacts, money, or relevant training.

Even though the early going included 100-hour workweeks full of door knocking, cold calls, and innumerable rejections, I used my persistent and stubborn personality to develop connections and close business. Because I concentrated on distressed properties and value-add opportunities, my business developed steadily despite market and economic ups and downs.

Michael and I discussed a variety of subjects on the episode, including the very competitive brokerage industry, the trend toward industrial real estate, overpriced market niches like multifamily, and the skill of imaginatively arranging win-win agreements. I also talked about the future I see for boutique brokerages with technological integration and the value of real human connection in a transactional sector.

If you have a moment, please listen to the entire discussion on The Lead Lag Report for a candid and honest look into the commercial real estate industry via my particular perspective. Recording the podcast was a lot of fun because Michael posed insightful questions that made me stop and consider the difficult path I've taken as a broker and business owner. I'm thankful that I'm still here, doing what I love, after all these years!

If you have any more questions after hearing the show, please let me know. I'm always pleased to go into further depth about my commercial real estate experience.



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