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The Performance Mindset Podcast with Reach Commercial Founder, Cassandra Hartford

Cassandra Hartford, the passionate leader and commercial real estate expert at Reach Commercial Real Estate, recently shared her real self and inspiring story on the popular Performance Mindset Podcast.

Amy Calandrino, the host of the podcast, was excited to talk to Cassandra and find out more about how she beat the chances to get to the top of her field. As the episode about empowering women showed, Cassandra had a hard time as a teen mother of two without any resources or ties. She broke into commercial real estate, though, thanks to her fierce drive and business sense. As the founder of our successful boutique company, she is now in the top 1% of brokers in the world.

During their conversation, Cassandra told them the truth about how she has dealt with many personal and business problems by being strong, passionate, and determined. She has seen every problem—from money problems in the past to the day-to-day challenges of running her own business—as a chance to learn, get better, and help those around her. Our team stays motivated every day because she really cares about growth, leadership, and the community.

Amy and Cassandra also talked about market trends, Cassandra's business model built on referrals, her drive to learn more, and the events that have had the most impact on her journey. Cassandra stressed the importance of staying smart, curious, and determined as an entrepreneur, whether she was thinking back on important childhood memories or planning how to lead her company through uncertain times.

We are so lucky to work with Cassandra, and every day we are moved by how bravely she leads. Listen to Episode #179 of Performance Mindset Podcast to get her wise words for yourself. Let her story as a leader in her field show you that you can do anything if you work hard and are passionate about it.


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